Zesty Podcast Marks First Anniversary with 30th episode

Thirty Zesty Podcast Episodes Reveal The Best (and Worst) of Tourism and Attraction Marketing

For a tightly niched audience, “The Zesty Marketing Podcast” delivers an edu-tational way to eavesdrop on conversations with marketing professionals from destinations and attractions. In its first year, episodes featuring guests from Madison Square Garden, Flying Dog Brewery, Dollywood, Jellystone Campgrounds, the Newseum, The Public Theater and more have gathered over 1500 listens.

Each 30-minute show is hosted by Whitney Hahn of Digital Bard, a video production and promotion company. Guests share stories and insights from tourism, DMOs and CVBs, outdoor adventure centers, entertainment venues, escape rooms, vacation resorts, wildlife parks, agri-tourism, museums, theaters, and arts centers.

“I want explore how other marketing pros are making wow-worthy content and becoming guest magnets,” says Hahn. “My curious self takes over, I start asking questions and I’ve been floored by how candid some of our guests have been about successes and failures.”

In addition to talking to in-house marketers, Whitney Hahn shares tips like the secrets of SEO, solving the seasonal recruiting problem, and building a better events calendar. Upcoming episodes will feature guests from domestic and international destination marketing organizations, distilleries, and travel focused agencies.

New podcasts are released every other Tuesday on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and many other popular podcast apps. Companion articles, checklists and downloads are always free. Find some of your new favorites at http://zestymarketingpodcast.com/.

Want more destination and attraction marketing insights? Find our most recent chats on the Zesty Marketing Podcast.

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